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Electric Raven
Guess what? The Electric Raven, it sounds strange or not. Download it and you'll get the answer actually.
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Submitted by:  Gangsta_msn_names
Total Downloads:  2637
Release Date:  Mar 1st, 2007
File Size:  682KB
Rating:  Excellent | 5 rate(s)

Tags: electric  raven  song 
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Comment:  4 [Add Comment]
Very strange! (by forestgum, Jul 24th, 2007)
But I like this tone :))
Good (by nautin, Jul 10th, 2007)
I like the drum! It is so good!
Electric Raven (by billyoung, Jul 10th, 2007)
What is this? Oh i can know now
It's so strange! (by kitty, Jul 7th, 2007)
I've never heard about electric raven. But now i can imagine it by listening to this sound. That's kool!
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Cell Phones Offer Serious Fun
By Grace Aquino

Today's cell phones do more than just make calls: They entertain you. With everything from built-in MP3 players to multiplayer games to remixable ringtones, the latest generation of phones ensure you'll never be bored waiting in line again.

Nokia's N-Gage
Nokia latest handset is geared toward those users serious about gaming. Featuring a quirky design and 4K-color screen, the 4.8-ounce N-Gage is more of a handheld gaming device than a mobile phone.

It sports a horizontal design (much like Nintendo's GameBoy Advance) with the screen in the center, controls on the left, and additional controls and a number pad on the right. Having buttons on two sides allow for two-handed operation that's essential for gameplay, the company says.

The N-Gage is a tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 phone, and it features a 104-MHz ARM processor, a MultiMediaCard slot, and USB connection for downloading music or synching a calendar from a PC. It runs the Symbian operating system and supports Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Games will be sold separately on game cards using the MMC standard.

Several game publishers, including Eidos, Sega, and THQ, will offer single- or multiplayer titles for N-Gage. Eidos will release single-player versions of the popular PC game Tomb Raider as well as Pandemonium. Sega will also launch single-player titles, including Sonic N, Super Monkey Ball, and others still under development. Nokia is also developing its own titles, including Bounce and Kart Racing.

On the multiplayer side, THQ will offer Major League Baseball and Moto-GP. Both games will support as many as four N-Gage players, connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In addition to gaming, the N-Gage is also capable of playing and recording digital music in MP3 and AAC (advanced audio coding) formats. It's even equipped with an FM radio.

Despite N-Gage's accoutrements, it still puts voice calls ahead of the game: When there's an incoming call, games are automatically paused.

Nokia's N-Gage is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of this year, and may be available through T-Mobile.
Making Music
Another new Nokia phone is the three-in-one 3300. It combines a digital music player, dual-band GSM 850/1900 cell phone, and FM radio into one unusually designed package. It sports a horizontal pad with a color screen in the middle, separating the small QWERTY keypad.

The 3300 features a MMC slot, USB port and cable, and Nokia's Audio Manager software. Armed with those tools, users can transfer MP3s from their PC to the 3300, stored in an MMC card. Alternatively, users can tune into FM radio. When a call comes in, the music player or radio automatically pauses.

Along with music playback, the 3300 is also well-equipped for data communications. Thanks to an embedded keypad, users can send instant messages, text messages (SMS), and e-mail. The 3300 is also capable of playing Java-based games and connecting to the Internet through a GPRS connection.

Nokia has not announced planned availability of the 3300 in the United States.

Sprint Gets In the Game
Sprint has announced a service that lets PCS users wirelessly play Java-based games with other PCS phone customers. Some games (such as Jamdat Mobile's popular puzzle game Bejeweled) involve one-on-one competition, while others (such as Mobliss' word game Jumble) engage a group of players.

Here's how it works: With Bejeweled, for example, a PCS user can compete with another PCS customer provided they each have a Sprint PCS Vision-capable phone (such as the Samsung A500 and the Sanyo 5300) and a subscription to Sprint's data service, which costs around $10 per month. Players will be able to choose their opponent or have the Sprint Network find one for them.

Each player must also pay for and download each game. Price per game is expected to be around $2 to $6 per month for unlimited access.

Sprint is working with various game developers--including Jamdat, Mforma, and Mobliss--to launch the first set of games in April. In addition to Bejeweled, other titles include Mforma's Alien Fight Club and Mobliss' Jumble and Multiplayer Bowling.

Turning Heads
Kyocera Wireless recently announced plans to release a uniquely designed dual-band CDMA 800/1900, BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) phone called Kurv.

Kurv, developed by WildSeed, features removable faceplates that give each phone its own personality. Each faceplate, or Smart Skin, has an embedded chip that contains files such as video clips, pictures, games, screensavers, polyphonic ring tones, and Web links to your favorite music artist or another celebrity figure.

Smart Skins will change the user interface of the phone through artist-specific icons and background images. WildSeed will develop and sell the faceplates.

Kurv features a slightly crescent-shaped design with a number pad on the top half and a 65,000-color display on the bottom half of the phone. Kurv will include an integrated camera, MP3 player, and FM radio.

Kyocera and WildSeed plan to release Kurv in the second half of the year.

In addition to Kurv, Kyocera Wireless also introduced several new lines of CDMA phones geared for teens and gaming fans. This summer, the company will ship its Blade, Phantom, and Rave series, all featuring phones expected to cost less than $200. Blade and Rave will include an embedded flashlight.

In the fourth quarter of this year, Kyocera will offer its Slider series, which will feature a 65,000-color display and an unusual sliding cover design that opens to reveal the keypad. The Slider is expected to cost around $225.

Pump Up the Volume
Motorola introduced a wide range of cell phones at the recent CTIA Wireless show, including the multimedia-driven E390 GSM phone.

The E390 offers vibrating effects, disco lights, and surround-sound-like audio for music, ringers, and games. The surround-sound effect is achieved through a slight vibration in the speakers.

The E390 also has a built-in, VGA-resolution camera. Depending on the service plan, you can snap a photo and send it as an attachment via MMS (multimedia messaging service) or EMS (enhanced messaging service).

Another fun tool: The E390's front and side illumination can be set to light up in conjunction with ringers and games or to identify incoming calls. You can also create your own ringers using the Motorola MotoMixer software. You can download ring tunes and remix them, DJ-style, to create your own personalized ringer.

If you want to expand the E390's music capability, Motorola offers an additional FM Stereo Radio headset and MP3 Player accessories.

The E390 is expected to ship in the second half of 2003 through a GSM carrier at an as-yet-undetermined price.

On the CDMA network side, Motorola offers the flip-style E310. It features a 4000-color screen, BREW support, and vibration and light effects. The phone is expected to be available in the second half of this year through a CDMA carrier.

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