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You want to change your taste to sweet, don't you? This "Honey" ringtone can satisfy your feeling with the most honey on top.
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Submitted by:  Lunatic2010
Total Downloads:  5879
Release Date:  Jan 5th, 2005
File Size:  509KB
Rating:  Very Good | 34 rate(s)
Tags: honey  lovely  sweet 
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Comment:  4 [Add Comment]
Wow! (by forestgum, Jul 24th, 2007)
How sweet it is!
Sweet (by nautin, Jul 10th, 2007)
The rhythm is so sweet! I like it!
Honey (by billyoung, Jul 10th, 2007)
I like honey. It's great.
Sweet!!!! (by kitty, Jul 7th, 2007)
Hey sweetie, i feel so good. It's so cute.
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Cell phone talkers: unite!
by Louee Royal

An editorial titled, "Library: place to study, not ringtone rave," in The News Record Monday, expressed a considerable amount of angst toward people who blabb on their cell phones in the library. After reading this I have three words of advice to help people through these mucky, satellite-tower-prevailing times: get desensitized already.

Welcome to the Information Age my friends. This wave of noisy, portable gadgets has likely only just begun in what is becoming a post-industrial society. Techno gluttons take heed, this piece isn't even about to touch on the ever evolving dimensions of cyberspace.

Oh no, come wade with me to the shallow end of the pond.

Cell phones aren't really a problem yet. People just need something to feel irritated about. The main reason some people are annoyed by chronic cell phone users and abusers is because they are talking on a phone.

If the person was having the same conversation with a person standing or sitting next to them, no one would have any qualms about it.

It is time for everyone to begrudgingly accept that we live in a world where people want to talk, and they want to talk now. Not in between class, not after you leave the library, but n-o-w!

Because of this maddening impatience to communicate with people who we already spend every hour with anyway, cell phone overuse is now a non-issue.

Manners are being questioned less and less when it comes to chatting away on a cellular device while in places where communication via noisy electronics would normally be prohibited.

I feel the burden of my fellow cell-phone evildoers. Defenders of silence, quit waving your fists at us. It is just asking too much for us to disconnect ourselves from our circle of wireless users for any amount of time.

Stubbornly, I declare the issue of only using cell phones where they are welcome absolutely non-negotiable.

I have to take this stance because I am so guilty of every complaint in the editorial. Talking on cell phone in the library while others are putting forth their most diligent work efforts? Check.

Selfishly engaging in pre-adolescent banter on a cellular device? Chiz-eck.

Singing along to my Destiny's Child's "Soldier" ringtone? Priceless!

Come, my brothers and sisters who have ample daytime minutes remaining, let us unite and take these self-righteous "please use portable technology in moderation, as its overuse may exasperate others who are forced to share the same environment as you" protesters head on.

Apparently, the arguments against cell phone gabbing are rude and only suggest ill-advised actions and solutions. No irrefutable, or even agreeable, evidence has been presented to substantiate or validate any of the points made.

But, I don't need logic, rationale or consideration because (insert heinously wicked laughter here) my team is winning... one cell phone billing plan at a time. 

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