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The Id Monster
That sound actually is made from the ghost film. It sounds really thrilling. If you don't wanna miss it, get it right now!
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Submitted by:  kinkzterr
Total Downloads:  2387
Release Date:  Jun 17th, 2007
File Size:  508KB
Rating:  Excellent (5) | 1 rate(s)

Tags: monster  scary  sound 
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There's big money in teens!
From New Straits Times

HEY Mr Advertiser, if you hope to be around a little bit longer, you'd better show us more respect and start playing it smart - like Mel Gibson's character Nick Marshall in What Women Want.

In that movie, Nick, an advertising bigwig, finds out he has a "gift" - being able to read women's minds and knowing what they really want. When it dawns on him that women have a big say in what sells and what doesn't - from cosmetics and sports apparel to cars and everything in between - Nick changes his chauvinistic, gender-biased ways to suit the times.

Today, another shift has happened. And the new question that should be at the top of advertisers' minds should be: "What do teens want?" Indeed, retailers nowadays seem to have hit a diamond mine by zooming in on youths. Here are some examples: RETAIL CHAIN (Fashion) BUMCITY, a speciality chain-store dedicated to the lifestyle of today's youth, is a fine example of the retail industry paying more attention to youths.

"Today's youth are definitely more fashion conscious and they want to stand out. That's why our selection of merchandise caters specifically to their tastes - from clothes to footwear, cosmetics to costume jewellery, gift items, even mobile phone accessories," says Gan Mei Lian, marketing manager of Hing Yiap Group, which owns BUMCITY.

"BUMCITY has been very successful among teenagers. Many go shopping at our outlet in Genting Highlands.

"Due to this success, we plan to open more outlets nationwide." MUSIC "MUSIC, to youths, is what poetry was to English society during the time of Shakespeare," says Sandy Monteiro, managing director of Universal Music.

"Youths need music and our company gives out about 1,000 CDs a month through youth-oriented channels like and Era for marketing purposes. A thousand CDs cost a lot of money and we would not be doing this if there wasn't a big market in young people," he said.

BOOKS WHAT do Charmed, Smallville and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have in common? Besides being hit TV series, these are also titles on the MPH best-seller book list for young people.

"It's a pop culture thing. In the past few years, there has definitely been an increased demand for youth-based publications," says Renee Koh, assistant marketing manager of MPH Bookstores.

"Local magazine publishers are going with the flow and are coming out with more teen-based magazines like Seventeen, Female and Cleo. Compared to imported magazines, these local publications are tailored to draw the younger consumers." It seems that teens have become more book-savvy than ever, and they discuss their latest reads with friends. As Koh says: "Teens are getting more varied in their choice of books. A large number of teens read fiction and not just magazines and comics, for example fantasy titles (think Harry Potter), romance novels and even authors like V.C. Andrews." Since youths have such diversified tastes, how can bookstores not sit up and pay attention? Says Koh: "We have some promotions for books and also concepts which target youths, such as the MPH Reading Group and Open Doors." TECHNOLOGY/TELECOMMUNICATIONS "FOUR years ago, it was rare to see a teenager with a handphone. However in a recent survey called Marco Polo, conducted by IDC, 72 per cent of students surveyed in Malaysia own a mobile phone," says monitor, peripherals and services research analyst Lincoln Lee of IDC, an IT market research and advisory firm.

"In this survey, IDC noted that youths are very high users of mobile applications especially the short messaging service, accounting for 29 per cent of users; multimedia messaging service (50 per cent); voicemail (26 per cent); and ringtones download (36 per cent).

"IDC also found that 54 per cent of online gamers in Malaysia are students. IDC's definition of online gaming is a game in which at least one component must be played via the Internet.

"As newer technology replaces older ones, these older models will be more affordable to the youth of today. IT companies too have been targeting youths in their marketing efforts with increased advertising and promotions aimed at them.

"Epson used the movie Monster Inc as part of their promotions in 2001.

Young and trendy models are also featured on Nokia and Maxis advertisements.

"It is obvious that while the buying power will still remain with the working-class consumer segment, more advertising and promotions are being targeted at youths to lock in these future spenders." ADVERTISING AI SU SAH, a Gen-X parent, scrimps and saves to make sure Junior can go for piano lessons and still afford a cuppa at Starbucks after class.

David Tan of advertising firm Metafour CBSM explains the "Ai-Su-Sah" phenomenon.

"If such material things can help their kids fit in with the crowd, then they're willing to give it to them. After all, what matters most to young people is having a sense of belonging." Besides, he adds, "parents who spend more time at work than with their children often try to compensate by increasing their pocket money, making up for time lost." Think we young uns' are the only ones with peer pressure? Think again.

Even parents succumb to this sense of inadequacy. If Encik Ismail next door gets his son a new PlayStation 2, then there is no reason why their own son shouldn't get one too.

"That's why the marketing people are tapping into this kiasu feeling, this sense of inadequacy that parents feel - parents think that taking care of the material needs would make up for any shortcomings," says Tan.

Smart marketing people have grabbed at this and come up with advertising that gets the attention of youths.

"A leading fast-food chain plays the latest songs in all their outlets because they know that youths appreciate music. "Another good example is the concept of prepaid cards for handphone users - advertising efforts seem to have the younger crowd in mind." CONCLUSION ISN'T it ironic that young people - who are not earning a salary and are practically living off their pocket-money - have the power to dictate the destiny of the market? Thank God we at the New Straits Times have known all along how important you are, with this special pullout meant for youths.

YouthQuake has been around for almost seven years now - and it's growing stronger by the day, thanks to your support! Cool!

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