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Crowd In Panic
Sharing sadness with other people will decrease your sadness. How's about sharing your panic with a crowd?
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Submitted by:  awesomeBO
Total Downloads:  5829
Release Date:  Apr 17th, 2007
File Size:  473KB
Rating:  Very Good | 2 rate(s)

Tags: crowd  panic  scary 
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Comment:  3 [Add Comment]
Too noisy! (by forestgum, Jul 18th, 2007)
This sounds noisy yet funny, too :P.
Funny (by nautin, Jul 12th, 2007)
It is so funny! I like it!
Crowd In Panic (by billyoung, Jul 11th, 2007)
What kames this sound? It's too noisy.
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Cell phone use out of control
By Kate Canan

Cell phones are great to have. They're convenient and you can use them in case of emergency. I have a cell phone and it's the only phone I use. Why pay two bills instead of one? However, some people seem to have their cell phones glued to their ears. Permanently.

I was recently embarrassed while I was at a restaurant with a friend because someone had called her to say that she liked her Instant Messenger away message. Wow, that's a relevant piece of information that couldn't have waited another minute. Meanwhile, our poor waitress just stood there, waiting for her to finish, while I felt like an idiot.

You go to an amusement park and everyone has put their purses in a locker, but not their cell phones. They need their cell phone so they can call their friends who are six feet ahead in line to say, "Oh my God, I can see you!" Then they panic when they can't find a place to put them when they get on the roller coaster.

Last week I was at Wal Mart and waited in line for 20 minutes because the woman in front of me was talking about how much she disliked her son's girlfriend. Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem, but she was into her earth-shattering conversation so much that she couldn't talk to the cashier and kept putting in the wrong pin number.

Then you have the two friends, usually females, on cell phones at opposite sides of a room at a party whispering, "Did you see that guy? He's so hot!"

But I think that my all-time favorite is when people are talking on their phones, but they're just pretending that someone's on the other line. Then the phone actually rings and they look (and hopefully feel) like morons.

But the annoying and disruptive cell phone activity doesn't stop at school. In one of my classes, I can identify the four people in the back row by their ring tones, and in order. From left to right, it goes "Fuga" then "Mozart 40" followed by "Fur Elise" and ends with "Bootylicious."

The sad part is that I don't even know their names.

This is extremely disrespectful to teachers, causing them to lose their train of thought, as well as to the students who are actually trying to learn. I realize that for some of you, cell phones come in a close second after oxygen, but can't you turn them off just for class? No one is in school for that long and I promise that there is no such thing as "cellular phone separation anxiety."

Although, I'm not sure if a 12-step program for addicts is completely out of the question.

Bottom line: Try to respect the people around you. You're not going to die if you can't talk to your friend in Eisenberg while you're in Spotts for 45 minutes. Wait until you get out of class and reap the benefits of actually talking to them in person. That form of communication never goes out of style and you never get charged for extra minutes.

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