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Dance of the water
It's not like dancing in the rain. It's a whole lot different if you feel the water in your feet, not your skin.
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Submitted by:  Justina
Total Downloads:  2388
Release Date:  Mar 1st, 2007
File Size:  857KB
Rating:  Good | 6 rate(s)

Tags: dance  drop  music  water 
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Comment:  5 [Add Comment]
Splendid sound! (by forestgum, Jul 19th, 2007)
It's obvious that tune is so cool, let's share it with your buddies.
Dance of the water (by billyoung, Jul 9th, 2007)
How interesting it is
Active (by nautin, Jul 8th, 2007)
I want to dance. It is so active!
sounds good (by sebastian, Jul 1st, 2007)
it's a good ringtone
pro dj (by Lee, Mar 31st, 2007)
Cool DJ piece!
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Personalize this.

The mobile is a highly personal device, yet to date we have barely tapped the ability of a cell-phone to be tailored to fit a customer's needs and style.

We're talking personalization. The handset stands uniquely at the intersection of fashion and the digital world, it is both a source of multimedia content and a fashion statement.

Phone personalization began with Nokia's color face plates six years ago. Asian schoolkids got in on the act with external personalization, adding Hello Kitty or pop star motifs in the same way they decorate their backpacks. Now we see what a huge market SMS-based screen display and ring-tones downloads have become. These days, who doesn't have a photo of their dog or child (or both) on their mobile phone screen?

Missed opportunity

Unwired would argue that Siemens mis-stepped 18 months ago when it hit the market with its self-described "fashion phone", the Xelibri. The product tanked because, apart from lacking color display, it didn't allow personalization. A phone that is a fashion statement but looks and behaves like every other version is a contradiction in terms.

3G multimedia opens up new vistas for personalization. We can see now the 3G market has four dimensions. Voice is the killer app and the core source of revenue. The other segments are data, which is starting to grow, the new area of video, which will take awhile to develop--and personalization.

Right now personalization above all means music. This is being driven by a supply-push factor as well as demand-pull. Most new phones have some kind of M[P.sub.3] capability and increasingly some storage capacity.

The iPod-iTunes experience shows just how serious demand can be for portable music with the right combination of sexy device and access to legit downloads.

Yet the phone offers more than just that, and that is the opportunity for mobile.

As Ovum put it recently: "There are currently no clear substitutes for phone personalization. This means there is a window of opportunity to capture a greater share of disposable income, which might otherwise be spent on other forms of media and content."

Much bigger than music players, though, is the area of ringtones as a revenue source. In markets such as in Korea, the mobile music market has outstripped the physical music market.

The ringtone download market really got a kick along from the introduction, first by Samsung two years ago, of polyphonic tones. Now the music and the wireless industries are abuzz at the emergence of "mastertones". Also known as realtones, truetones or songtones, these are the actual song extracts, not just electronic simulacrums, and the impact will be enormous.

One of Japan's biggest hits in the past year is a mastertone, or "chaku-uta", service backed by five local record labels, called Label Mobile. Even though it's much more expensive than the standard ringtone download, it last-year generated 15 million downloads on an installed base of only to million devices.

Japanese have been debating whether these will replace ring-tones or become a separate service. Ludivico Ciferri, a researcher at Tokyo VC Mobile Internet Capital, predicts outright that mastertones will eventually replace ringtones.

Meanwhile, the new new thing in Japan is the "chaku-motion", the mobile video clip. The prospect of being able to sell a clip of Andy Lau or Zhang Ziyi saying "you've got a call" to China's 300 million phone users is an irresistible one to operators and content owners alike.

But it's a bigger business challenge, requiring the participation of the artists themselves as well as the commercial arrangements with the labels and agencies and the DRM protections. That's some way ahead and, besides, requires 3G-level bandwidth.

Right now, there's a lot of customizing that doesn't take much bandwidth, but there can be other problems.

Like names, for example. What the Koreans call the "color ring-tone" is known variously as the "ringback tone" in China or the "hello tone" in Hong Kong or the "connecting tone". Maybe the "answering tone" is the best name --the tone the caller hears while waiting for the call to be answered. It's a service that generated $100 million in Korea in its first year.

The content world, even ringtones, brings with it issues of taste and censorship.

Some Chinese are complaining about the questionable nature of ringtones. It's possible to download sounds of machinegun fire and explosions, or answering tones with messages like "Your wife has been in an accident!". And a number of content providers have been caught in China's recent crackdown on pornography, which the MII has signaled is a campaign that will last for a year. China Mobile recently cut 45 adult chat services.

The ringtones concept can cause discomfort for consumers, too. Siemens 65 series phones play a loud tune when the battery runs out. So loud that in fact the company has issued a warning that it might injure users' eardrums. There is an upgrade on the way.

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