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Toilet Applause
A grand applause of audiences in the theatre for an artist after his excellent performance.
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Submitted by:  mA_olen_Munn
Total Downloads:  5604
Release Date:  Apr 18th, 2007
File Size:  494Kb
Rating:  Good (3) | 3 rate(s)

Tags: applause  funny  toilet  weird 
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Comment:  5 [Add Comment]
Pretty good! (by forestgum, Jul 17th, 2007)
The sound is pretty good! I quite like it.
Clap your hand !!! (by kitty, Jul 8th, 2007)
Cool mixing. Reality comes back in the ringtone.
Toilet Applause (by billyoung, Jul 7th, 2007)
It's like a heavy rain.
Funny (by nautin, Jul 4th, 2007)
It sounds funny!
happy to see it (by bluebee, Jun 27th, 2007)
Hope that my presentation will gain such a grand applause.
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Music and phones to the ears: the move from ringtones to song downloads may be a big leap, but some developers are coming up with ideas that could help unleash new ways of operating.
Source: Wireless Week

Music and phones to the ears: the move from ringtones to song downloads may be a big leap, but some developers are coming up with ideas that could help unleash new ways of operating.

With downloadable music taking a big chunk out of record companies revenues, the music industry is looking to wireless as its saving grace. Although carriers have experienced initial success with ringtones and music downloads. some still question the long-term viability and the business case for these services. "The music industry needs wireless to survive," says Dick Wingate, president of BPOD Network, a digital media services company.

The music industry, according to Wingate, is accustomed to selling shiny discs, but the Internet broke its accustomed retail modus operandi. And while record companies didn't break any new or profitable ground with downloadable music, the industry is getting a second wind with wireless, having learned a painful lesson from mistakes made as the Internet gained popularity, Wingate says.

Wingate thinks the strength of the CD format still has legs as the go-to music medium until about 2010. However, he says the recording industry is desperate to set a new standard to follow. And that's why firms are eyeing wireless as the next play.

Problem is, no one has figured out a business case for music downloads over wireless. The popularity of ringtones offers glimpses of the possibilities, however.

"The ringtone is the new single," says Andy Volanakis, director of ringtones, screen savers and music at Sprint PCS. What looked like it might have been a nice value-add for carriers has turned into a wildly popular customer feature that is proving just as lucrative. Last month, for example, Sprint PCS downloaded nearly 10 million ringtones and screensavers, Volanakis says.

But Volanakis questions the business case for straight music downloads in an ecosystem where recording companies me accustomed to a lion's share of the profits. While he agrees it is a novel way to connect artists with the masses, it still costs too much to make sense for the carrier.

"It costs roughly $7 to download a song," says Shawn Conahan, president of Moviso, a provider of mobile media products and services in North America. Playing that against MP3 players that can store 3,000 to 4,000 tracks for replay makes music on wireless a bit of a stretch at the moment. However, developers, carriers and media companies are searching for ways to exploit the two industries that seem to have some synergy.

The immediate answer may not be in straight downloads because the idea that customers would pay $1.99 for a song download seems a little obscure for many. However, some developers have ideas that could migrate and begin to mesh in music.

For example, Musikube offers a real-time retail model that enables a range of impulse purchase opportunities for retailers, record labels and carriers. Ashley Heather, president, says the Vista Mobile Service application over a wireless device requires only 10 seconds of a song in order to identify it. Because music is so integrated in everyone's life, this is a smart tool that enables consumers to get information that provides the incentive to purchase music, Heather says.

Other content strategies simply expand on the already successful ringtone in personalizing the wireless devices. Carriers offer various ringtones that now are migrating into favorite portions of songs. Because recording companies hold the copyrights, songs are recreated in ringtone soundbites as opposed to being sung by the original artists. In some instances, there could be three different digital versions of a song created for ringtones. "Some are absolute howlers," says Vodafone's Graeme Ferguson, who is responsible for the company's business development and content. Ferguson says carriers are looking for quality in new ringtones. That could lead to performances by popular singers.

Until the recording and wireless industries can build a business case, they likely will continue developing ringtones. Companies such as Versaly Entertainment, a wireless new media company, signed an agreement with Valentino Production Music, a publisher of 70,000 sound effects for the movie industry. Versaly expects to add such sound effects to the ringtone menus, including domestic zoo and exotic animal sounds, familiar household and background sounds, laughter and audience applause, and excerpts from famous speeches.

With the ever-expanding menu of ringtone options, customers are beginning to personalize their phones by assigning individualized ringtones to identify different callers, as well as ringtones for ringbacks, creating an entirely new add-on to the ringtone paradigm. This popularity is driving carriers to find new possibilities for their menus.

It used to be that the radio and MTV were the arbiters of taste when it came to music, but perhaps ringtones and wireless downloads will play a larger role in the future.

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