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Woodlark Singing
this little woodlard intended to become the only singer in his live show. He cann't help singing
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Submitted by:  creepers
Total Downloads:  865
Release Date:  Aug 26th, 2007
File Size:  478KB
Rating:  Very Good | 1 rate(s)
Tags: nature  sing  woodlark 
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Cultivating good cell phone etiquette
From New Straits Times (Malaysia)

AN acquaintance, let's call her Y, insists on wearing her cell phone around her neck. She says it helps her avoid misplacing the phone which according to her, is an essential item in her daily life. This is reasonable, considering what a busy person she is. However, Y is one of the many mobile phone users who have a bad habit, and that is, talking too loudly on her trendy telecommunications tool.

Just the other day, while a group of us were having tea, Y's cell phone rang loudly. Without hesitating, she answered the call and proceeded to speak in a louder-than-normal tone while everyone else pretended not to notice and continue eating. After it ended 10 minutes later, our hostess asked with a straight face, "Did your friend get the message loud and clear?" Y simply shrugged. Her excuse? "The phone is too small. The mouthpiece is too far from my mouth. So I have to talk louder!" Believe it or not, there is something called good cell phone etiquette. And, given that the use of mobile phones is so widespread, good phone manners are quite important. For instance, what do you think of people who make or answer calls at inappropriate times, like during funerals or weddings? For some pointers on good cell phone manners, surf Cellular Phone Etiquette at the site This simple, straightforward site outlines interesting guidelines for different environments.

In Public Places, for example, you'll read about the importance of personal space. This involves being considerate enough not to let others hear your conversation. While you may not think it a big deal, many people get uncomfortable or annoyed when they have to listen to other people's intimate conversations.

And, have you ever gone out on a date only to discover that your love interest prefers yapping on the phone instead of paying attention to you? If so, he or she may need to read the section called On a Date. The site talks about how you can politely tell people in advance if you have to take or make a call while you're with them.

Other environments discussed are Restaurants, Parties, and On the Job.

Similarly, Cell Manners at aims to promote civility between cell phone users and the people around them. This site has a more light-hearted approach to the subject, and does a good job of presenting more than just guidelines.

In Tales from the Cell Wars, you'll find a compilation of odd and amusing stories. In one supposedly true story, a British minister had an embarrassing moment when her mobile phone started ringing in a meeting with HRH Queen Elizabeth. You can read all about the Queen's amusing reply in "We Are Still Not Amused." Equally amazing is the story of a man who actually climbed into a sleeping lion's cage to retrieve the cell phone he dropped. Well, you can guess what happened after the phone started ringing, rudely arousing the lion.

In the Forum, surfers can submit questions or complaints about bad cell phone etiquette. A "cell manners specialist" answers the questions and among other things, explains how to effectively use what the site calls a "cell glare".

This brings us to the section called Cell Slang, an excellent collection of terms and phrases related to mobile phone use and users. Some of the more memorable terms are "Cellfishness", "Cell Hell", "Cell Yell", "Cellphonitis", and "Dead Ringer". Be sure to check out the definitions and submit your own funny terms to the editors.

Meanwhile, Saved by the Cell includes news items on how mobile phones have come in handy during times of crisis. And in Researchers Have Found, you'll read fascinating anecdotes such as the one about a Danish bird that started singing ringtones overhead from a mobile phone.

Well, the next time you power up your mobile phone for use, it's a good idea to keep in mind the do's and don'ts involved. In some cases, it's not just about common courtesy, it's also about the safety and comfort of those around you.

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