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Dog and mouse
ha ha ha ah ah
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Submitted by:  Crossaye
Total Downloads:  792
Release Date:  Aug 5th, 2007
File Size:  696KB
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Tags: animal  barking  dog  funny  mouse 
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The next day, I woke up to the voice of Mickey Mouse
By Hidemi Chen

My cell phone died on me recently. The phone service just said the problem was a "disabled SIM card" and gave me another one. Nothing was wrong with my actual phone. I have yet to understand what happened, exactly. All I know is that I took my phone out of my jacket pocket one night, realized that it was unusually warm and discovered to my dismay that it longer worked.

Obviously, having a cell phone break down is a pain for everyone. I was suddenly disconnected from my friends, and even if I wanted to talk to someone I couldn't because I had no means of doing so unless I physically hunted them down or happened to find them online. But this was not my main concern late that night when I first discovered my faulty cell phone. No, my main concern then had more to do with how I would manage to get up at 7 a.m. the next morning without an alarm.

I'm the sort of person who can sleep all day and wake up when it's already dark outside if left alone, so I need an alarm. Especially when the time to wake up was 7 a.m. And my cell phone was the only alarm I had. When my phone broke down my roommates were all fast asleep, it was only a couple hours away from the time when I had to wake up and I needed an alarm.

I hurriedly searched through my desk drawers and bags for something - anything - that could substitute for my cell phone. Even as I was sitting there contemplating this problem, I was losing valuable sleeping time. Old clock? No, out of batteries. Watch? No, no alarm. Wait a second, I thought. Hadn't I recently dug up my old phone from Japan and been playing with it? That would have an alarm, and it would be rechargeable. Where had I put it?

I banged around my drawers and suitcases, probably waking up all of my roommates in the process, and finally found my old phone from one summer in Japan three years ago.

Japan, often cited for its advanced technological gadgets, has great cell phones. I recently met a friend from back home, and her new cell phone was practically a computer. It had a mouse that could be moved around on the screen, complete Internet access and a high-definition camera all in the size of her palm. Other cell phones in Japan can now record videos, play television programs, play music, pay for groceries and look up directions or give you the name of the nearest movie theater in a matter of seconds.

The cell phone that I dug up that night had been free when I had signed up for the service three summers ago. It had been old in Japan then, and is probably archaic now. Still, it had color and a camera with a flash. It could connect to the Internet. It could take bits of video footage, all of which I had already filled with footage of my dog. It could download games and custom ring tones that sounded pretty close to the actual songs. And it was the exact same thickness as the cell phone I had purchased in the States only half a year ago.

I was amazed at the amount of energy the Japanese had put into their cell phones. No wonder people say Japan has amazing technology, I thought. No wonder the Japanese never part with their phones and cover them with stickers and humongous accessories. I could use this phone today and be completely satisfied with it, and it was free. I marveled at the phone for a while, looking through my past pictures, again mostly of my dog, before realizing what time it was and rushing to set up the alarm.

The next morning, I woke up to Mickey Mouse's voice. I blinked, unsure for a second as to what was going on and why I was hearing Mickey Mouse from underneath my pillow at 7 in the morning. I reached for my phone and realized that the song I had randomly chosen to be woken up with was the Mickey Mouse March, and that it featured the live voices of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Apparently my cell phone was a special Disney phone, featuring a dancing Minnie as the song played, and it could play live voices in its ring tones. Wow, I thought, bleary-eyed. This, too, for free?

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