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Why you leave me
Listen to this ringtone and figure out why I name it "why you leave me".
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Submitted by:  dasgjhfdbgdhdffds
Total Downloads:  15244
Release Date:  Mar 5th, 2007
File Size:  653KB
Rating:  Very Good (4) | 22 rate(s)

Tags: funny  moaning  voice 
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Comment:  7 [Add Comment]
i love it (by katie, Jul 8th, 2009)
wow thats great!
Bst of all (by Pankaj, Mar 5th, 2009)
Why you leave me? (by forestgum, Jul 18th, 2007)
Oh, so sad! Leaving me without a reason :(( Yet this sounds ok LoL!
Why you leave me (by billyoung, Jul 7th, 2007)
Its sound is good.
Good (by nautin, Jul 5th, 2007)
It is so good!
oh, why? (by yvonne, Jun 29th, 2007)
i heard it but still dont figure out why.
Break (by Heatbeat, Feb 1st, 2007)
Still can't find out why
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Hook up your cell phone with new sounds
By: Jim Mackey

When ringtones were first introduced, they were quickly adopted by young cell phone users. The popularity of ringtones spread quickly. Young people downloaded as many as they were able, often changing them daily with their mood. Today, ringtones have proliferated through our culture and cell phone owners of every generation enjoy them. Many of these people are customers of Alltel Wireless. They're able to choose and download from tens of thousands of Alltel ringtones directly onto their cell phones.

Ringtones Evolve As Alltel Grows

When they debuted, most ringtones were primitive. Available only as polyphonic sounds that attempted to mimic popular songs, they often sounded cheap and tinny. But, consumer demand called for companies to produce better-sounding ringtones. Ringtones quickly evolved. Today, ringtones offer nearly the same quality of sound as CD's.

While ringtones evolved, Alltel Wireless continued to grow its base of subscribers. They took note of their customers' increasing demand for better-quality ringtones as well as their desire for a larger selection. Today, Alltel Wireless offers ringtones for the most-popular songs as well as thousands of commercial jingles, classical pieces and quirky sounds that delight their customers.

Choosing The Perfect Ringtone

With the huge inventory of possible Alltel ringtones to download, the question is no longer what songs are available; the question today is which from the plethora of tones should you select. Whenever someone calls your cell phone, the tone of your choice will play. The tones you select will essentially send a message to anyone near enough to hear. It may let them know your mood, the kind of music you prefer and even a glimpse of your personality.

People will inevitably develop a perception of you that is based (at least, in small part) by the ringtones you choose. If you choose a heavy metal tone, those around you at the time you receive a call may create an image of you in their mind. You have an opportunity to choose tones that promote any image you'd like others to have of you. You can let others know that you love jazz music, a certain movie, or even peculiar sounds. Choosing a ringtone that perfectly matches your mood, character, or preferences can be a fun way to communicate those things to people around you.

How To Get Free Alltel Ringtones

Many carriers will charge you a monthly fee for downloading tones. But, there are a couple of ways you can get free Alltel ringtones. First, you can use's WAP system. Simply choose a ringtone and use their system to see if the tone you selected is available through a WAP download. If that doesn't work, you can still use their system as long as you have an Alltel cell phone and computer with Bluetooth capability. Download the tone of your choice to your computer. Then, transfer it via Bluetooth to your cell phone.

There are thousands of Alltel ringtones from which you can choose. Take your time and have fun. 

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