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Crazy beat
This sound reminds me about a song with the title "Crazy beat" that I've ever heard.
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Submitted by:  Angelique
Total Downloads:  8908
Release Date:  Mar 1st, 2007
File Size:  762KB
Rating:  Very Good (4) | 10 rate(s)

Tags: beat  crazy  soung  terrible 
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Comment:  4 [Add Comment]
Crazy beat (by billyoung, Jul 10th, 2007)
It's so good. I am intereted in it.
Funny (by nautin, Jul 9th, 2007)
Hi hi, It makes me laugh aloud!
It's crazy.... (by kitty, Jul 8th, 2007)
A lot of mixing here, man. Variable things.
Quite OK! (by forestgum, Jul 2nd, 2007)
Crazy beat, yet the tune is not crazy!
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Give Your Ringtone A Character With Innovative Voice Tones

‘This is Bond, James Bond calling’ Imagine the next time your phone rings, it blurts out this famous line in a deep Sean Connery baritone or how about a cute girl alerting you of an incoming call. Sounds Interesting isn’t it! Welcome to the world of Voice tones where possibilities are simply endless.

There’s more to ring tones apart from Monotone, Polyphonic tones and MP3 tones – it’s the quick growing Voice tones category. Voice tones have already been adapted by mobile users in various markets and according to recent reports their markets share has gone up by a whopping 28% in the Asian telecom markets. The key to its ever growing popularity is the flexibility in customization it allows users. From downloading sound bytes from popular films to creating you own quirky line into a ring tone, the possibilities are endless.

Various companies and voice artists are now offering their professional services to help users develop a customized yet professional voice ring tone. Voice artists are enabling users to develop ring tones from popular movie dialogues, cartoon character voices and even typical character voices like a cop, hunk, boss and various other quirky characters.

Voice tones are also easy to develop and once make them with minimal or no cost. Recording and exporting a voice tone is very simple. All one needs is a computer with voice recording software, which are widely available on the internet. A decent microphone and of course a good voice are the other mandatory requirements. A recorded voice can be converted into MP3 or MP4 format according to the mobile phones specifications and one is ready to export it via Bluetooth or a data cable.

Another alternative is to record a voice using the mobile phone handset itself. Several latest mobile phone models come with a voice recording feature enabling users to download voice tones from the handset itself.

A ready voice file downloaded from the internet or a CD can also be formatted in the required format and exported to be used as a ready voice ring tone. The easy process of creating a voice tone and its novelty has caught fancy of the young users who are largest base to experiment with voice ring tones.

Characters from popular films and TV shows top the list for voice tone preferences. Identifying this trend, the smart media marketers have started using this tool to their advantage. Prior to a movie release or a new season of a TV show lines and character voices from that particular film or a show are circulated. These have tremendous viral potential and get further promoted by users themselves.

Some brands have also turned jingles/characters from their television commercials into voice ring tones and have successfully managed to build their brand among the target audience. We will see this tool being heavily used by marketers worldwide in future.

This interesting ring tone format may not surpass the popularity of music based ring tones but does have tremendous potential to equal its popularity.

Go ahead experiment with your own voice and create your very own creative voice tone, you are sure to stand out from the sea of monotonous mobile ring tones.

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