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Baby Talk Cry Laugh
Another baby's sound. He is playing, suddenly shout and laugh. Don't know what he wants.
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Editor's Rating: Editor's Rating: 5/5
Submitted by:  flirtatious_beauty
Total Downloads:  29915
Release Date:  Apr 18th, 2007
File Size:  437Kb
Rating:  Very Good (4) | 65 rate(s)

Tags: baby  children  cry  cute  lauging 
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Comment:  6 [Add Comment]
Baby's expression! (by forestgum, Jul 17th, 2007)
That's all about expression of a baby how he feels, such a lovely baby!
Lovely and Cute.... (by kitty, Jul 8th, 2007)
I love the baby sound. So cute :X :X.
Nice (by nautin, Jul 4th, 2007)
A collection of baby's sound. Have you gotten it yet?
Baby Talk Cry Laugh (by Parris, Jun 30th, 2007)
What can i do with my baby? he does not talk to me, but just crying and laughing and so on...Well, i have an idea. Let him hear this melody :D
how does baby express their feelings? (by bluebee, Jun 25th, 2007)
you'd better to explore by yourself.
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Joke ringtone is inexplicable phenomenon
By Adrian Turpin

Britain is set to have its first number one hit inspired by a ringtone. Adrian Turpin traces the growth of a phenomenon from Scandinavian internet joke to international irritant.

London: It wasn't quite an apology. But almost. "I don't know what to say," said Erik Wernquist. "Really I don't. Some people obviously think this thing is worth paying for."

History has a precedent for Swedish innovators who have had cause to regret their creations. Alfred Nobel endowed his peace prize as an act of contrition for developing dynamite. Wernquist's crime against humanity is of a different order, although Britain's commuters, teachers, parents and television viewers might disagree.

He is the man who put flesh on the Crazy Frog ringtone and began its transformation from a Scandinavian internet joke to a multi-million-pound international annoyance.

If you hadn't seen or heard Crazy Frog (which seems hard to believe), you would not immediately take him for a frog.

Unlike most amphibians, he is blue not green, walks on two legs and has a belly button. The latter seems a bit superfluous for a creature hatched from spawn, but then so does the 1950s-style motorcycle cap.

Between the creature's legs there used to hang a small blue set of genitals (more like an epiglottis than a penis), but after a deluge of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this has been discreetly covered with a black blob, at least on television.

Crazy Frog's rivet - now playing on a train or bus near you - is the constipated phut of a badly serviced East European car driven by a boy racer who has just passed his test: "a ding ding ding dinga ding ding..."

The fact that this makes anyone over the age of 18 want to stick their fist through the television screen and grab him and his little blue nadgers has clearly not harmed his prospects. To date, the company Jamster has made more than 10m from people downloading Crazy Frog ringtones.

As if that weren't enough, this week a CD version of the song produced by the German dance act Bass Bumpers has been outselling Coldplay's new single by more than four to one.

More than 400 000 copies of the single - which splices the frog theme with Harold Faltermayer's Beverly Hills Cop theme tune, Axel F - have been ordered, according to the label Gut Records.

On Sunday, Britain will have its first-ever ringtone-inspired number one.

"Kids obviously find it cute and cool," said Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for the HMV record shops, attempting to explain the phenomenon, "but students and even office workers seem to be drawn by its kitsch, ironic appeal. The only real issue is whether the record label can press enough copies to keep up with the huge demand."

No one has been more surprised at Crazy Frog's success than Daniel Malmedahl, a 24-year-old computer salesman from Gothenburg in Sweden. Malmedahl was 17 when he decided to record an impression of his friends' motorbikes on his computer. Why? Just because.

"We had mad laughs because it's so characteristic, this two-stroke engine sound. My friends found it funny when I started imitating it," Malmedahl said.

Before long, a friend had posted it on the internet where it was seen by a Swedish television researcher who invited Malmedahl to "perform" the sound live, and that is where ordinarily his 15 minutes of fame might have stopped.

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