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Modern Garage
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A guy has an idea of a new innovative garage for his house. Let's discover his invention!
Submitted by:  KiNgTuRdOfTuRdS
Total Downloads:  8279
Release Date:  Jun 11th, 2007
File Size:  90KB
Rating:  Very Good | 10 rate(s)

Comment:  7 [Add Comment]
good (by kkekememesososasa, Jul 1st, 2009)
very good pic
Modern Garage (by billyoung, Jul 13th, 2007)
It's so nice.
Living (by nautin, Jun 29th, 2007)
All you have to do is dream!!!
excellent shot (by gill, Jun 22nd, 2007)
it's very contagious. i want one 4 my flat.
poor him (by TTH, Jun 11th, 2007)
He must be a crazy BMW's fan
Great idea!!! (by Pigpog, Jun 11th, 2007)
I love this guy!!!
Oh so creative (by Anima Mia, Jun 11th, 2007)
That guy's so creative. I'll try a similar garage to my house haha.
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Fun with a garage opener
by Scott

Enjoy the picture, and read another funny story about the garage. As you prepare yourself for a new era in life and prepare to live in your new home that you built with your spare hands, it occurs to you that you may not have thought of all of the special bells and whistles that you put in to the process. You built the home within your own mind a thousand times, installing the outdoor swimming pools properly and ensuring that every fixture was in its right place. You even connected all of the electrical outlets yourself and as you prepare to spend your first night in the home you realize that there was one toy that you had not yet played with at its completion. That was, of course, the modern opener. You never know what you do with a modern opener until you try it. Trying your modern opener is something that just cannot wait until morning. You realize, as you stuff yourself into your pyjamas and head downstairs, that this sounds absolutely crazy and that nobody will notice. You also realize that it's true; nobody will notice because you have installed a quiet modern opener that will open silently in the middle of the night with no creaking or groaning towards the foundations of the home. Your plan is perfect and will unfold to amazing and incredible perfection as you prepare yourself to click that one special button that will open your modern to the world outside. One Small Problem: As you enter your modern, in your pyjamas and slippers, you locate the modern opener and quiver with anticipation. Never before have you been so excited to push one button. Never before have you been so proud of such a design, of how the door will open silently, and how the button will connect with the modern door to open it with a simple click. You see, you have coordinated the opener with the modern box that keys in the code electronically. With the opener and the box calibrated, you are ready to push the button and let the fun begin. You push the button. Much to your immediate dismay, nothing happens. It is entirely possible that in your haste you neglected to properly calibrate the modern opener with the box. It is also entirely possible that in your haste you neglected to properly install it. Thoughts run through your mind as to whether or not you installed anything properly and you begin to think that the toilet is ready to erupt upon first flushing. With a final, last ditch effort you decide to check something on the garage opener and find, to your relief and embarrassment, that there are no batteries in the opener.
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