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The History Of Santa Claus Part 2 [Add Comment]
Submitted by:  Butnugget
Total Views:  2795
Release Date:  Jun 27th, 2007
Rating:  No Rated | 0 rate(s)

The great stables are built, and scientists are secretly hired by
Claus II to begin an ambitious project that of breeding and
training reindeer to fly.

The flying reindeer are achieved and become Claus II and III's
major form of transportation.

A mutant reindeer, named Rudolf, is born whose nose emits light.
He becomes an outcast of the reindeer society, and is taken in by
the Claus government. Claus II celebrates his 50th birthday,
inviting several other world leaders for a stay at his castle. To
impress them, he displays a lavish show of wealth, all at the
elves' expense. He gives the other leaders the impression of a
dictatorship under the guise of royalty. The elves sense this,
and the seeds of rebellion are planted.

As conditions become increasingly strict, the elves begin to search
for a leader to lead their revolt. Rudolf, still in favor of the
Claus government, sees their plight and begins thinking of ways to
use it to his advantage.

On his 60th birthday, Claus II takes a sleigh ride down main street
during the Christmas day parade, and is assassinated by a radical
faction of elves. Claus III, now 29, takes over immediately and
puts martial law into effect for the whole North Pole. Civil war
breaks out as Rudolf leads the elves in rebellion.

The Seven Year Strike takes place. The elves refuse to make toys,
and the Claus Toy Company nearly goes bankrupt, as the North Pole
hits an economic low. Claus III, fearing for his life, becomes a
prisoner of his own castle. Rudolf rises to the peak of his power,
and sets himself as leader of the elven community.

Rudolf and his army unsuccessfully attempt to invade Norway. More
than 10,000 elves are killed.

Inside the castle, unbeknownst to the elves, Claus IV is born.

After a string of political blunders, Rudolf senses that he is
quickly losing favor with the elves. Frosty the Snowman is built,
brought to life, and used as a political scapegoat.

Frosty the Snowman is melted at a public execution, and the elves
are calmed of their unrest, for the moment.

After a long period of unrest, Rudolf is finally ousted, and Claus
III, aged 71, rightfully regains the throne. Prince Claus IV is
introduced to the elves publicly for the first time.

The Renormalization years. Claus III brings the near-bankrupt
Claus Toys Company out of dormancy and appoints his son as
president. In order to clear their bad name and make up for their
out-of-the-way location, they decide to start the hugest
advertising campaign ever. Each Christmas, Claus IV will ride all
over the world, distributing free toys to children everywhere.
The ad campaign becomes a hit, but remains very costly.

Claus III dies.

As the annual ad campaign continues, deficits pile up, and the
elves are asked to work harder, longer hours and still take a pay
cut. They start to complain, but Claus assures them he will do
all he can to help them. As a sign of goodwill, Claus IV marries
an Elven wife, strengthening the bonds between the Claus family
and the elves.

Claus V is born. In order to celebrate, Claus IV decides to stay
at home, and so he suggests that department stores use costumed
employees to represent him. They do, and it works out so well that
he decides to do it every year.

Claus V grows up, spending most of his time visiting with his elf
relatives and friends. Claus IV, who spends most of his time
building up the company, doesn't seem to mind, in fact, he feels
that it's good publicity.

Working conditions continue to worsen for the elves, and they try
to convince Claus V to overthrow his father and give the government
back to the elves.

Claus V usurps his father's throne, sending him to live the
remainder of his life under guard in the castle's west wing.

Tags: Christmas  a christmas story  christmas jokes  noel  santa claus  snowman 
Comment:  1 [Add Comment]
this year?? (by blackrose, Jul 24th, 2007)
I wonder want to know now!

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