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Cows with guns
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Total Views:  25527 Submitted by:  demetrius
Release Date:  Mar 15th, 2007 File Size:  1067KB
See the cows fight for freedom when they read Che Guervara's book - a new revolution?
Rating:  Very Good (4) | 145 rate(s)


Comment:  30 [Add Comment]
not on this planet (by promytius, Jul 3rd, 2011)
MALE cows with udders? Male cows with bladders that urinate? What planet does this take place on?
SUPER FLASH (by VISWA, Mar 16th, 2009)
It's too good.
From Cpt. Chick Ken (by Scott, Jan 8th, 2009)
how can i trust with a cow (by praveen dara, Sep 23rd, 2008)
good (by Haraldur, Mar 20th, 2008)
Is it possible to buy a clip like that for a publication in a net Mag. and do the lyrics in an other language?
excellent (by Cody, Sep 5th, 2007)
whoever wrote this well done, its wicked!!!!!!!!!!
rather like it. (by Aureole69, Jul 23rd, 2007)
who wrote this silly silly little song. I rather like it.
lol, niceee :D (by ytn87, Jul 23rd, 2007)
thts scary, but funny
it's bloody hilarious! (by totti, Jul 23rd, 2007)
I just watched it on my bf's myspace and it's bloody hilarious!
Such stupid (by glorious, Jul 23rd, 2007)
Don't notice such things... It ruins the whole story ^^
yay cows!!!:) (by tricky, Jul 23rd, 2007)
i love this!! i mean i'm a vegatarian so of course i love it!!
Burn those McDonalds! (by Victory, Jul 23rd, 2007)
He looked scrawny and rather woozy
pretty old (by Tamila, Jul 23rd, 2007)
this song is pretty old haha but the animation kicks ass!
BAD COW PUN (by lenon, Jul 23rd, 2007)
it's waste to watch it. So silly
silly song (by Ivan, Jul 23rd, 2007)
No humour, no art. So rude
still cracks me!! (by Quizz, Jul 23rd, 2007)
One, two, three sweet!!!!!!! Yippee
kick-ass song!! (by STW12, Jul 23rd, 2007)
i dont care who the hell you are this is funny!
his is GREAT!!!! lol (by Nothinglife, Jul 23rd, 2007)
great vid lmao (by Henry**, Jul 23rd, 2007)
that video is friggin awesome and im a pyromaniac(boo ya)
kinda funn (by Crazyworld, Jul 23rd, 2007)
I think it was so stupid but kinda funny
Nice song! (by Coo87, Jul 23rd, 2007)
sweet! put on more like it plz!
Amazing... (by Bubble, Jul 23rd, 2007)
That's fuckin great.Thanx
strangely irresistable (by Cathy, Jul 23rd, 2007)
wow thats all i can say is wow
movie rofl (by Kevin, Jul 23rd, 2007)
i love this movie rofl
still helarious (by Nevile, Jul 23rd, 2007)
I saw this thing many times and it is still helarious >=]
lol funnyest vid on the net (by Holley, Jul 23rd, 2007)
lol much cow dung
simple awesomeness (by Lonelyboy, Jul 23rd, 2007)
Love cows, damn hilarious :)Great
Hahaha (by nautin, Jun 27th, 2007)
The cows, they are so funny!
Fun (by Kathy, Jun 24th, 2007)
Haha, so funny. You should have made a film about this war
if it was a tv commercial (by hura, Jun 21st, 2007)
i wonder who wants to buy milk any more lmao
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