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"We have plenty of polyphonic techno ringtones - exclusive Techno And Trance, Dance, House Ringtones For Your Mobile Cellphone. All are free to download. Let your mobile express your styles and share them with your friends. "

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No Ringtones ▼ Total Downloads Release Date
271 Kiss From A Rose 403 Jul 21st, 2007
272 Killer ahhh 2372 Mar 5th, 2007
273 Kickin Hard 276 Aug 22nd, 2007
274 June Melody 477 Apr 20th, 2007
275 Joyful # 534 Jun 26th, 2007
276 Joe dassin rulez 282 Jul 6th, 2007
277 Jiga-Jiga 305 Aug 26th, 2007
278 Jewish Melody 365 Jun 19th, 2007
279 Japan-Hype 8468 Jan 5th, 2005
280 I`m singing oh oh oh 346 Aug 10th, 2007
281 Itni Shakti Mp3 Tone 156 Nov 27th, 2011
282 It's no secret 678 Mar 5th, 2007
283 It is Over Now 105 Sep 15th, 2010
284 It is My Life - Blondie2009 125 Sep 12th, 2010
285 Interference 264 Aug 20th, 2007
286 Indian Matrix 27944 Feb 22nd, 2006
287 In And Out Of Love Ringtones 188 Oct 2nd, 2009
288 ILove You 374 Aug 11th, 2007
289 Iintro 277 Jun 23rd, 2007
290 I need to wake up 13823 Mar 5th, 2007
291 I love you like a love song 79 Aug 10th, 2011
292 I love you 1 360 Jun 30th, 2007
293 I love you 22182 Mar 5th, 2007
294 I love hip hop 2013 Mar 5th, 2007
295 I like kiss 544 Jul 8th, 2007
296 I Feel Like Dying 118 Oct 27th, 2010
297 I Dont Mind 104 Oct 13th, 2010
298 I don't want!! 344 Jul 16th, 2007
299 Hypnotized Ring 332 Aug 8th, 2007
300 Hyperactive Melody 330 Jun 21st, 2007
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Share your ringtones with us and your friends as well. It's very easy. Just upload here.

Electronic music

Delia Derbyshire recording electronic music in the BBC Radiophonic WorkshopElectronic music started long before the invention of the synthesizer with the use of tape loops and analogue electronics in the 1950s and 1960s. Well known examples include the theme music to the TV series Doctor Who, recorded in 1963 by Delia Derbyshire and Dick Mills. Some subcategories of electronic music include electronic dance music, space, new age, ambient, and the catch-all "electronica," which can sometimes include all of the above electronic sub-genres, but usually refers to electronic music without lyrics.

One of the first people to popularize the synthesizer was Wendy Carlos who performed classical music on the synthesizer on the recording Switched-On Bach. Space music was popularized by the group Tangerine Dream, among others, as a precursor to new age music. New age music served to support and perpetuate the values of the new age movement. Though there is some overlap between the various sub-genres of electronic music, Brian Eno, the creator of ambient music, claimed that ambient had a bit of "evil" in it, whereas new age music did not. Eno's creation was less values-driven than new age; his goal was to create music like wallpaper, insofar as the listener could listen to or easily ignore the music.

Naturally, many people have met electronic music also in the form of video game music.

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